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The Holocaust "Hagada"
By Rachel Mandula
"choose life" (Dvarim Chapter 30, Verse 19)

On this evening we gather and tell the story,

In memory of the six million who chose life,
But their lives were taken.
In memory of the six million who perished,
The memory of every man, woman and child,
Day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute
They chose life, defying those who were seeking their death.
In honor of the dead, in honor of the survivors
In honor of the perished, in honor of the saved,
In honor of those who survived the camps,
And of those who were not reached by the evil spirit.
In honor of each man, woman and child
Who were marked for the final solution
In honor of every man, woman and child
Who continue the chain of generations,
And In honor of the generations to come,
In the name of them all we now say:
"The people of Israel lives on"
It is recommended that families will talk about the Holocaust, about the heroism of those who perished, of the survivors and of the righteous among the nations, in accordance with the age of the children in the family.
Read at the end of the evening

May I never endure the experience of being a non- person

May I never regard another as non- person
May my human dignity always be preserved
May everyone's human dignity always be preserved
May all of us maintain our honor as human beings.
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